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FAQs: Our Truck Driver Training Program

Posted on: February 1, 2024
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Considering a career change but worried about making money during the transition? Our truck driver training program at Classic Carriers pays you to earn your CDL! Here are some frequently asked questions about our program.

How does the truck driver training program work?

Our complete truck driver training program is 12 weeks long and, if completed successfully, leads to a job with Classic Carriers.

Step 1: CDL Training Course

The program begins with a four-week Class A CDL course at the Apollo Career Center in Lima, Ohio. The course includes 56 hours of classroom instruction and 144 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Tuition is fully covered by Classic Carriers. We also give our trainees an additional $250 weekly incentive.

Step 2: Paid Driver Training with Classic Carriers

Once you’ve graduated from the Apollo course and earned your CDL, you’ll start an eight-week driver training program with Classic Carriers. You’ll be matched with one of our experienced driver trainers who has been handpicked by our safety department. We do our best to pair compatible personalities. They’ll show you the ropes and answer all your questions and concerns.

While you’re completing driving training with us, you’ll earn $700 each week.

Step 3: Start Your New Job as a CDL Driver

When you’ve completed your training and feel confident to get behind the wheel solo, you’ll officially join the Classic Carriers team as a company driver! You’ll receive a $300 bonus for completing the required training and a $1,500 sign-on bonus.

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What are the benefits of the Classic Carriers training program?

Many trucking companies require at least one year in the field before they hire you. Our training program helps new drivers earn their CDL and build experience – all while getting paid. 

Our driver training program benefits include:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Full tuition reimbursement
  • Build confidence with an experienced driver mentor
  • Financial incentives every step of the way
  • Guaranteed job upon training completion

What are the qualifications to join the program?

Qualifications to join the Classic Carriers truck driver training program include:

What is the job outlook for truck driving?

Demand for truck drivers is high, which means it is a good time to get into the trucking industry. The industry is facing a driver shortage at a time when freight shipping has increased.

Can I become a company driver with Classic Carriers if I don’t go through your training program?

Yes! We require company drivers who don’t go through our training program to have two years of recent verifiable experience, which can include military experience. You must also possess a Class A CDL, have an acceptable MVR based on hiring standards, be at least 23 years old and meet all Department of Transportation regulatory requirements under section 391 of the Federal Motor Carriers regulations.

How can I enroll?

Contact our recruitment team at Classic Carriers to start the application process! The recruiter will answer your questions and provide you with an application.

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