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Tips for Truckin’ with Your Pet

Posted on: April 28, 2021

Anyone who is a pet owner knows that pets sort of just weave a special place in your heart. Therefore, don’t leave your furry friend behind when truckin’.

Pets can provide companionship and entertainment while on the road. They are also good for a trucker’s physical and mental health. In fact, about 40 percent of truckers take pets – mostly dogs and cats – on the road with them. 

Look for a pet-friendly trucking company, such as Classic Carriers, and use these tips to start truckin’ with your pet in a safe and healthy way.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe & Happy on the Road

Keep your pet restrained in a seat while you drive.

If you were in an accident or just slammed on your breaks, an unrestrained pet could suffer injuries. There are a number of options, such as kennels, pet carriers and harnesses that attach to a seat. Find an appropriate one based on your pet, its size and room in your truck. 

Let your pet out of the truck frequently. 

Being cooped up in a truck for many hours at a time can make your pet restless. If you stop with a dog, give it time to go potty and then throw a ball or go for a walk so it gets playtime and exercise. If you have a cat, get a scratching board and a few toys it can play with while you are on the road. Purchase a harness and leash to take your cat for a walk when you make stops. Don’t forget — walks are good for you too!

Even pets need a good night’s sleep.

Make sure your pet has a soft, warm place to sleep. Blankets, soft towels and pet beds are all good options.

Don’t leave your pet alone in the truck.

Especially if you will be gone for an extended period of time and your truck is not running, do not leave your furry friend alone inside. A truck that is not running may put your pet’s life in jeopardy if it gets too hot or too cold.

How to Pet-Proof Your Truck

Block access to the driver area of the cab, especially the pedals. 

No driver wants to experience an accident because his or her pet jumped in front of the steering wheel or was down by the pedals. The best way to avoid this is to ensure your pet is restrained in a seat while you drive.

Find a place to store trash, food and medicine that your pet can’t access.

Anything that could cause harm to your pet or could cause a distraction to you while driving should be stored in a place your pet can’t get into. Designate a storage compartment or get a travel bin.

Have a pet-proof file for your paperwork.

No customer wants muddy paw prints on important documents. Or even worse, you don’t want to find yourself saying, “my dog ate it.”

Bring paper towels and cleaner.

It’s impossible to avoid drool, pet hair and muddy paws when traveling with a pet. Also, your pet may have an occasional accident. Keep window cleaner, paper towels and extra towels on board. You also may want to consider washable seat covers.

What to Bring for Your Pet on the Go

  • Food, water and treats.
  • Bowls for food and water.
  • A leash and harness.
  • Bags to clean up a mess.
  • Chew toys, balls, scratch pads, etc.

Pet-Friendly Apps

To help you stay prepared when traveling with a pet, download these two important apps:

  • BringFido: Find dog-friendly places to stay, play and eat, in addition to groomers, vets and more.
  • Pet First Aid: Offered by the American Red Cross, you’ll find veterinary advice for everyday emergencies.

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