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3 Tips to Stay Fit as a Truck Driver

Posted on: September 10, 2020
walking near semi truck tires

It can be challenging to maintain an exercise routine when your career has you on the road regularly. However, it is possible! And physical activity is critical to helping truck drivers stay healthy and alert while also lowering stress levels.
Use these three tips to creatively fit exercise into your life on the road.

1) Exercise In the Cab – No Equipment Needed

Start with exercises from inside your cab (or outside when the weather is suitable). Perform during breaks or downtime on the road. No equipment needed!

  • Sit-Ups – Strengthen your core with a couple of sets of sit-ups each morning. Be sure to keep your lower back flat on the ground and don’t pull up with your neck.
  • Push-Ups – Build upper-body strength and improve your posture and shoulder flexibility. Vary the move by alternating with a plank hold to strengthen the core.
  • Tricep Dips – Do them from the ground or use your bunk. Dips are an effective arm workout to strengthen and stretch muscles that are in a stagnant position most of the day.
  • Stretches – It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to feel stiff and achy from sitting for extended periods. Be sure to stretch before doing any exercise. And if you have limited time, make stretching your priority! Do shoulder shrugs, roll your wrists in circles to relieve hand tension and touch your toes to stretch your back.

2) Bring Your Own Small Equipment

To add more variety and resistance, bring small equipment along with you such as:

  • Resistance Bands – Inexpensive and easy to store, these rubber bands come in various lengths and resistance strengths. They can be used to target the chest, arms, shoulders and legs. Try these 33 resistance bands exercises you can do from anywhere!
  • Kettlebell and/or Dumbbells – Find a place to store weights, such as under your bed, and you can do endless strength training exercises with your gym on the road. From kettlebell swings to dumbbell squats, bicep curls and more, you’ll improve your strength and health in no time.

3) Move Outside the Cab

Burn calories and gain cardiovascular strength with cardio exercises while parked at stops. Find what you enjoy, and it’ll be easy to incorporate a routine as part of your regular routes.

  • Walk – Before showering, plan for a 30-minute walk to start your day with a healthy habit. For every 600 miles, stop at least 2-3 times and do a walk-around trailer inspection for safety, plus to stretch your legs and back. When waiting to get loaded/unloaded, take a 15-30 minute walk.
  • Bike – Bring a folding bicycle. It’s easy to store and allows you to take a spin while parked at stops, especially those with a scenic view.
  • Lunge – Did you know lunges are one of the most effective exercises you can do? Lunges strengthen your lower body, increase core stability, and improve balance, spinal health and hip flexibility. Learn how to do the perfect lunge and work your way up to a goal of 100 lunges a day.

Final Tip: Log your exercise in a daily journal. By writing down your workouts, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and spot unhealthy patterns.

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