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How to Choose a Cold Chain Logistics Company

Posted on: August 18, 2021

For companies producing goods that need consistent refrigeration at all times, logistics management requires high attention to detail and superior coordination to ensure the goods hit their final destination at the right temperature. That’s why it’s so important to choose a cold chain logistics company that is reliable, efficient and resourceful.

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics is the management and transport of temperature-controlled goods, such as food, beverages and biopharmaceutical products. It is critical that these products maintain a stable temperature from dock to dock in order to ensure quality.

Tips to Selecting a Trusted Cold Chain Logistics Company

When choosing a cold chain logistics company, look for a company that specializes in transporting refrigerated products. They will have the processes, technology and systems already in place to reliably handle temperature-critical material. 

When vetting companies, here are features to take into consideration:


Ask about the technologies they use within their trucks, warehouse facilities and offices to help ensure products say fresh or frozen. Capabilities and technologies vary from carrier to carrier, so find a carrier that best meets what your goods need.


Look for a carrier that has systems in place for real-time checks on temperatures of the product, where shipments are and expected delivery times. Visibility lowers risk and provides assurance throughout the shipping process. As Classic Carriers, we offer real-time location and temperature checks via our satellite-equipped trucks.


Find a carrier that is monitoring the industry, forecasting and planning ahead for the future to ensure they can handle fluctuating supply and demand. At Classic Carriers, we are opening a new climate-controlled warehouse in Greenville that quadruples the freezer-capacity space we previously had to accommodate growing needs in the industry.

All-In-One Solution

Look for a trucking company that offers a complete suite of transportation capabilities to provide maximum ease and efficiency in moving temperature-sensitive products. At Classic, our complete suite of transportation capabilities includes cold storage carrier services, cold storage warehousing and third-party logistics management.

A Trusted Provider

Finally, choose a carrier you can trust. Communication and working together are key when it comes to transporting and storing temperature-controlled goods.

A Cold Chain Logistics Company You Can Count On

Classic Carriers has 35+ years of experience in the trucking industry, which includes refrigerated transportation across the U.S. and cold storage warehousing in west-central Ohio and east-central Indiana. 

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