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Cold Storage: Storing More Than Food

Posted on: May 8, 2023
Classic Carriers’ Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage warehousing is a crucial part of running a successful cold chain logistics company. Refrigerated trucking companies like Classic Warehousing must be able to meet the specific needs of each customer, and there’s no room for error when it comes to handling temperature-sensitive goods. 

This blog dives into the important role cold storage has in the trucking industry and how Classic Warehousing meets the growing demand. 

Q&A on Cold Storage Solutions for Food & More

What are examples of items that you keep in cold storage other than food?

Although most of our cold storage at Classic Warehousing is frozen food, we also provide cold storage for other items. For example, we store ingredients for tanning supplies, and we store products for the aerospace industry. Additionally, we provide cross-docking and short-term storage for medical equipment and supplies.

What are the five temperature classifications for cold storage?

The five temperature classifications include the following: 

  1. Banana: 53 to 57°F, oranges, apples, potatoes
  2. Pharmaceutical: 35 to 46°F, pharmaceutical goods
  3. Chill: 35 to 39°F, most fruits, vegetables and fresh meat
  4. Frozen: -4 to 14°F, frozen beef, poultry, pork, cakes and bread
  5. Deep-frozen: -22 to -13°F, seafood and ice cream 

Classic Warehousing can store products at all temperatures except those in the banana category.

What industries do you serve in your cold storage warehouse?

Currently, we store raw and finished goods for manufacturers of meat, desserts, dog food, fruit juice concentrates and brewery products for the retail industry. We work with large corporations and small businesses, as well as supporting regional farmers with their storage needs.

With capabilities to store products in all temperature classifications, we are always open to new partnerships in cold storage.

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What temperature control systems are in place to maintain safe cold storage during short-term or long-term power outages?

We lock down the freezer doors in short-term outages to contain the existing temperature. During a long-term outage, we bring in an industrial generator to power the units until the issue is resolved.

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What are some of the challenges you face in your cold storage facilities?

One of our biggest challenges is meeting the growing demand for cold storage. We continuously receive inquiries and requests for storage options, and we do our best to accommodate everyone, but sometimes we do run out of space. 

Count on Classic Warehousing for Your Cold Storage Needs

Classic’s newest cold storage warehousing space in Greenville, Ohio, includes over 2.35 million cubic feet of cutting-edge freezer capacity. We provide freezer and cooler space with barcode scanning equipment in all of our facilities. 

Our complete suite of transportation, third-party logistics and warehousing capabilities via sister companies Classic Carriers and Classic Logistics gives you maximum ease and efficiency in moving products. Learn more and request a quote today! 

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