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Classic Logistics: Securing the Best Carriers for Our Customers

Posted on: May 11, 2023
Classic Carriers’ Versailles location

Classic Logistics, a full-service 3PL based in Versailles, Ohio, works hard to offer its customers worry-free logistics management and freight brokerage services. We believe that communication and service are key to making every shipment move as requested. 

Learn more about how our logistics team works with carrier partners to ensure on-time and safe deliveries.

An Inside Look at Classic Logistics and Our Carrier Partners 

“Our logistics team must show ultimate flexibility daily,” Vice President of Operations Jeff Barga says. “Shipments come in all day, sometimes with only a couple of hours to pick up.”  

Classic Logistics strictly vets outside carriers to meet the demand and provide the best service to our customers. All carriers must meet or exceed our standards for insurance coverage, safety ratings and any shipment-specific requirements with full and current backup documentation. 

“We have a very stringent vetting process that can sometimes lead to challenges,” Barga adds. “Making sure we have a top-notch carrier is crucial.”

Customers feel safe working with Classic Logistics due to our strong carrier vetting process. As a result, they know their load is a top priority and will get picked up and delivered on time. 

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“We make sure our customers understand that we will not just set anyone up to haul their load,” Barga says. “One of our most important criteria is that a carrier must have their authority for a full year before we will set them up.”

Tuente Trucking, based in Yorkshire, Ohio, is one of Classic’s carrier partners.

“We have been working with Classic since 2017,” Tuente Trucking Dispatcher Mitch says. “We usually work with them on a weekly basis for one dedicated lane from Goshen to Versailles.”

Mitch explains that Classic Logistics is very understanding and accommodating in all situations.

“We appreciate that Classic is a local company like us,” Mitch adds. “It’s nice to know who you’re working with versus a company across the country.” 

“We work with our key carriers daily, with constant communication, to try and load their trucks as much as possible,” Barga says. “If one of our key carriers can’t cover a load, we must find coverage with a new carrier.”

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Rubb Transport, based in Gainesville, Virginia, is another of Classic’s outside carrier partners.

“We get two to three loads each week from Classic,” Rubb Transport Dispatcher Cameron says. “We’ve been working with Classic for nearly two years.”

Cameron shares that Classic Logistics provides great communication throughout the week, and they work to secure loads for their dedicated lanes.

“Classic Logistics pays on time, offers good prices and has excellent communication,” Cameron says. “We’ve experienced that there are very few brokers that you can trust in the market, but Classic is one that you can always count on. We appreciate the professional relationship that we have with them.”

Barga adds, “Carriers like hauling for us because we also have our own trucks, and they know their drivers will get treated fairly.” 

Classic’s expansive cold storage warehousing space leaves room for growth. Classic Warehousing offers over 2.3 million cu. ft. of food-grade frozen storage in Greenville, Ohio, with a separate cooler room and chilled dock. 

“On the logistics side, we have several people tasked with looking for new business in all areas of the country and all modes,” Barga says. “We want to grow by bringing on new customers and new lanes.”

Ready to Get Started?

We offer a complete suite of both TL and LTL transportation, warehousing and brokerage services. You can count on Classic Logistics to meet your needs and provide exceptional 24-hour customer service. Learn more and request a quote today!

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