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Classic Carriers Year In Review and Looking Ahead to 2023

Posted on: January 24, 2023
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Although 2022 had its fair share of challenges in the trucking industry, we have a lot to be thankful for here at Classic Carriers. We’ve opened a new cold storage warehouse, recognized hard-working drivers each month and celebrated our nomination for the Best Fleets to Drive For®.

Learn more about the past year and find out what we’re looking forward to in 2023.

2022: Year In Review

Cold Storage Warehouse Opening in Greenville

After multiple delays due to supply chain issues and required permits, we opened our new cold storage warehouse in Greenville, Ohio. With this new warehouse, we now offer over 2.35 million cubic feet of cutting-edge freezer capacity. We are currently taking storage reservations. 

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Monthly Driver Recognition

Classic Carriers is proud to honor and recognize one of our outstanding drivers each month. To be eligible for the monthly driver recognition, employees must be accident-free, have on-time pickups and deliveries, keep their equipment clean and be good role models for other drivers.

The following 12 drivers are now eligible to earn the 2022 Driver of the Year award:

  • January - Roy Nagle
  • February - Lewis Schappert
  • March - Ericka Mitchell
  • April - Mike Briner
  • May - Jeff McCoy
  • June - Terry Britt
  • July - Brad Shafer
  • August - Eric Burns
  • September - Pat Molaski
  • October - Colin (Sonny) Leffingwell
  • November - Nathan Peters
  • December - Gregg Creek

Employee Features

Several of our employees were featured in our blog and on our social media platforms throughout 2022. Let’s look back at what they had to say about working for Classic Carriers and what they enjoy about their jobs:

Julie Hart

Julie Hart, Recruiter: I have been extremely fortunate to acquire such a gratifying and fulfilling career with an awesome company. You are really treated like family here!


Kurt Rhoades
Kurt Rhoades, IT Director: I enjoy the people and the atmosphere the most. We care very deeply about all we do and want to do our best.


Chance DurdenChance Durden, Driver: I feel that I am part of their family, and Classic really cares about the drivers and the drivers’ families. I can’t think of a better company to drive for.


Tim SublerTim Subler, Retired Safety Director: We absolutely have the best workforce. They’re dedicated to their jobs, and they’re willing to help you when you’re down. It’s just a good environment. 


Read more about our employees here >>

Safety and Violation Report

Classic Carriers is happy to report another great year for safety with few violations and numerous passed DOT inspections. We take great pride in ensuring our drivers and equipment are safe and free from violations. 

Safety is a top priority at Classic Carriers. We require all carriers to meet or exceed our standards for insurance coverage, safety ratings and any shipment-specific requirements with full and current backup documentation.  

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Looking Ahead to 2023

Best Fleets to Drive For® Finalist

We feel honored to have been nominated by drivers and independent contractors as one of the finalists in the 15th annual Best Fleets to Drive For® contest. The nomination recognizes our company’s culture, programs and working environment. 

New Equipment and Fleet

Classic Carriers continuously updates our fleet with new equipment. We strive to lower the age of our fleet each year. 

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Driver Recruitment

We welcomed numerous driver trainees and experienced drivers in 2022, and we’re looking forward to adding new staff to our team. Our paid driver training program has provided us with great drivers in 2022, and we’re always welcoming new trainees to the program.

Learn more about our paid driver training program today >>

Explore What Sets Classic Carriers Apart in the Trucking Industry

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