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Proud to Recognize & Honor the Classic Carriers Top Truck Drivers

Posted on: March 28, 2021
Classic Carriers 2021 Driver of the Year

At Classic Carriers, we take our culture and family environment seriously. That means we know our drivers by name, and we say ‘thank you’ for a job well done.

This is why we implemented the Classic Carriers Driver Recognition Program, so we could honor the drivers’ hard work and reward them with gifts and financial incentives.

Our recognition program includes:

  • A Driver of the Month (1 each of the 12 months in the year)
  • A Driver of the Year (selected from the drivers of the month)
  • A 2 Million Mile Club
  • Nominations to the Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) Driver of the Year. We are proud to have had three drivers in recent years receive the OTA award: Daniel Clark in 2019, Richard Maschino in 2016 and James Myers in 2008.

What Qualifies a Truck Driver for Driver of the Month/Year? 

Photos showcasing Classic Carrier truck drivers who were recognized by the Classic Carrier Driver Recognition Program

In 2021, our Driver of the Year was Anthony Cook. He was selected for his exceptional driving ability, limited violations, on-time deliveries and for being a good role model to other drivers.

In 2020, we had several highly qualified candidates for the Driver of the Year, which is why we decided to name two drivers to share the honor: Clifford Posey and William “Peach” Johnson. You can find all of our award-winning drivers on our driver recognition page here.

The monthly and annual winners were selected based on their exceptional driving ability and adherence to these guidelines:

  • No accidents, cargo claims, moving violations
  • Limited amount of log violations
  • On-time pickups and deliveries (unless it was out of their control)
  • Represent the company in a professional manner
  • Keep equipment clean and neat, up to date with regular maintenance 
  • A good role model for other drivers

Our rewards have included:

  • Driver picture placed on the Wall of Fame at Classic Carriers
  • 20,000 reward points to redeem for gifts such as electronics, home goods, movies, tools, etc.
  • A $100 gift card to a business of choice (Kroger, Walmart, etc.)
  • For Driver of the Year, a custom diecast Classic Truck with the driver’s name, year and driver of the year logo
  • For Driver of the Year, 1 week paid vacation plus $1,000 cash

Driven by the Best

At Classic Carriers, we have a driver turnover rate of less than 30%. Riders and pets allowed in trucks! We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company that treats our team of dedicated drivers like family. 

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