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Quick Guide to CDL Training at Classic: What you Need to Know

Posted on: September 7, 2021

To become a commercial truck driver, you first need to get a CDL, or commercial driver’s license. This requirement can seem daunting to those just starting out on their career journey, but it doesn’t have to be. 

At Classic Carriers, we offer a comprehensive CDL training program that is designed to get you qualified and trained as a commercial driver as smoothly as possible. 

Here’s how it works: 

Apply to Our CDL Program

The best way to obtain your CDL is to go through a fully-paid CDL and truck driver training program, such as the Classic Carriers Truck Driver Training Program. Our truck driver training program is a 12-week paid program that helps interested candidates obtain their CDL and become a company driver for Classic Carriers.

To get started, let us know you are interested by contacting one of our recruiters online, emailing, or calling. The recruiter will answer your questions and provide an application. Once you return that application, we’ll review it to see if you’re a good fit.

If you’re accepted to our program, you will need to go to the BMV to get a Commercial Learner’s Permit or CLP (if you don’t already have one).

Complete Driver Training (and Get Paid!)

Once you have your CLP, we’ll enroll you in our four-week truck driver program at the Ohio Business College. We pay your full tuition, and you earn an additional $250 a week to help cover travel expenses, meals, etc. Unlike some other driving companies, we don’t require you to sign a contract of completion, either – we know that life happens.  

When you graduate from the course, you will begin our eight-week driver training orientation program. This involves riding along with one of our experienced driver-trainers while you get paid!

Your pay rate will be $600 each for weeks 1-4; $650 each for weeks 5 and 6; $700 each for weeks 7 and 8. You’ll also receive an additional bonus after completing this eight-week training program.

Choosing Your Driving Schedule 

After completing your training, you can smoothly transition into a career driver position at Classic Carriers. We pay by the mile, with solo drivers starting at 45 cents a mile (earning an additional penny per mile each month you’re with us until you earn 50 cents a mile). 

There are also many opportunities for incentives and bonuses! You also have a number of different choices for when and how you want to work after this initial period. 

Types of Driving Positions

We offer several types of driving positions, each of which gives company drivers the maximum benefits and flexibility to suit your lifestyle and personal situation.  

Local Drivers

Local truck drivers transport loads from within a 100-mile radius of our Versailles, Ohio headquarters. Drivers who succeed in this role are safe, punctual, great communicators who stay in touch with customers, warehouse staff, and our dispatch to ensure smooth handling and delivery of goods at every step of the way. 

More about local driving opportunities>>

Part-Time Drivers

Part-time OTR (over-the-road) truck drivers with Classic pick-up work on the days and times that work best with their personal schedules. While part-time drivers aren’t eligible for Classic company benefits, they enjoy total flexibility and freedom (once their training period is over). Drive one day a week or one week a month, regularly, seasonally, or whenever you want to pick up a little extra cash.

More about part-time driving opportunities>>

Route (Routine) Drivers 

Route or set routine drivers run the same routes to the same clients according to a predetermined daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. While dedicated route driving may be similar to local driving, dedicated drivers often pick up both local and regional routes. These roles offer routine miles, steady pay, regular pickup/delivery times, and consistent home time. Most of our route drivers work 40-hour weeks. This is the most popular option for drivers who complete their CDL training with Classic!

More about route driving opportunities>>

Ready to Start Driving?

At Classic Carriers, we have a driver turnover rate of less than 30%. Riders and pets are allowed in trucks! We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company that treats our team of dedicated drivers like family. To find out more about the Classic Carriers training program, contact a recruiter today! 

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