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[Video] A Trucking Family Tradition with IT Project Coordinator Bev Wombolt

Posted on: June 20, 2023
A Trucking Family Tradition  with IT Project Coordinator Bev Wombolt

Meet Bev Wombolt, IT Project Manager at Classic Carriers. Even though she has only been with Classic Carriers for a little over a year, her family has been part of the organization for decades. 

Watch the video or continue reading to join Bev as she reflects on her father’s career and time with Classic Carriers. 


Bev’s Reflection on Her Father’s Legacy 

When Did Your Dad Get Into Trucking?

My dad was an over-the-road truck driver for his entire life. He actually started driving trucks when he was just 14 in the 1930s. He continued to drive until 1997 when he decided to retire. However, he got bored quickly and ended up working for Classic Carriers for another 10 years.

What Type of Role Did Your Father Have in Classic Carriers?

He did a lot during his time with the company. Dad would take some select local loads here and there, but he was really good at working with the other truckers. He would pick drivers up from the bus station or the airport and transport them to where they needed to go. There was a portion of time when he even helped several drivers with their agility tests and CDL testing. 

Why Do You Think Your Dad Continued Working Well Past Retirement?

I think he really loved what he did. During his time at Classic Carriers, he wanted to stay in the loop of trucking and loved being around people. He mentioned several times that working at Classic Carriers was a highlight of his career, thanks to the people he interacted with. 

What Type of Impact Did Your Dad’s Career Have on You?

I basically grew up in the trucking industry with Dad hauling everything from meat and milk to soy sauce and dry goods. Over time, I learned a lot about the processes and tactics needed to haul different types of products properly. 

What Did Your Path Look Like After College?

Even though I grew up in Versailles, I went to college and got degrees in business and computers before joining several organizations. I've worked for small start-up companies and large Fortune 200 organizations throughout my career. 

What Does It Feel Like to Work At Classic Carriers After Your Dad Worked Here for So Long?

It's funny — when I started here, it felt like I was coming home. Dad always spoke highly of the people at Classic Carriers; working here, I can see why he did. 

What Would You Say Has Been Your Experience with Classic Carriers So Far?

You can't go wrong when you're moving food — people have to eat. Goods must be shipped whether they're perishable or not, and Classic Carriers has done a great job capitalizing on that. Even with the recent challenges of the economy, the company has done a great job of expanding and taking care of its employees.  

Are You Looking to Start Your Own Trucking Family Tradition?

Begin your family trucking tradition with Classic Carriers! Along with traditional driving opportunities, we also have several non-driving positions open. All positions include great benefits and incredible culture. Learn more about joining our trucking family today!

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