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Inside the Cab with Driver Cale King

Posted on: September 2, 2022
Inside the cab with Classic Carriers truck driver Cale King.

Meet Cale King, driver at Classic Carriers. He joined the Classic Carriers team less than a year ago and is already enjoying different aspects of his job.

Let’s learn more about what Classic Carriers means to Cale.

Cale’s Take on Being a Truck Driver

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Truck Driver?

As a truck driver, I enjoy the freedom my job brings along with the pay and benefits. I also appreciate seeing and experiencing new things on the road.

What Is Your Favorite Route?

My favorite route is anything out west.

Do You Have a Favorite Place to Eat on the Road?

My favorite places to eat on the road are the old-style mom-and-pop restaurants that can sometimes be hard to find these days. I especially like Norman’s 44 in Prescott, Arizona, and Powhatan Restaurant in Pocahontas, Illinois. 

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Who Is Your Favorite Companion While on the Road?

My black cat, Phantom, is my favorite companion on the road.

What Advice Would You Give to a New Truck Driver?

I advise new drivers always to be willing to learn and not pretend or think they know everything. It’s also important to speak up when you feel like driving conditions, schedules or routes are unsafe.

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What Do You Enjoy Most About Being Part of the Classic Carriers Team?

I love that everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about you at Classic Carriers — that is important to me.

Ready to See What Classic Carriers Has to Offer?

Based out of Versailles, Ohio, we employ company drivers, owner-operators and non-driving positions. Classic Carriers also offers a paid driver training program for those ready to start a new career as a truck driver. Learn more about our job openings today!

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