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Cold Storage Demand? Meet Your Cold Storage Match

Posted on: July 20, 2021

It’s been over five years since we started offering cold storage solutions to our customers – and things are about to get a whole lot cooler.

To meet the increasing demand for cold storage space, we’re expanding our existing location to include a whopping 1.85 million cubic feet of cutting-edge freezer capacity. This is a $6 million investment in our warehouse distribution system, which is a win for our customers and our drivers. Investments like these give our drivers more work opportunities and offer our customers more flexibility.  

We’ve been at about max capacity in our current temperature-controlled warehouse space for two years now, and as the industry grows – so do we! 

Logistical Sweet Spot 

Our headquarters in Greenville, Ohio is centrally located to big shipping hubs like Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and this expansion will help us better serve the increasing demand for temperature-controlled carrier solutions in this region. 

“We’re really the only player in this area anymore that’s a public warehouse for cold storage,” Classic Carriers VP Luke Subler said in a Dayton Business Journal article. “So for us, it’s value-added to our customers on both the transportation side as well as the warehousing side.” 

Right-Sized Solutions

Mid-sized customers who have been turned away by massive refrigerated transportation providers will find a comfortable berth at Classic.

“The big boys in the refrigerator world keep getting bigger and bigger,” Subler said. “And they don’t like to necessarily deal with a customer that may have anywhere from two to 250 pallets. That’s the one niche we’ve found. Our big thing is customer service. We turn things around pretty quick, and that ‘small business’ feel is the main thing we’re looking to go for.”

While we already have space in our new facility that’s spoken for, we’re actively looking to build our regional list of customers looking for small- and mid-sized temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation solutions. 

Construction Progress: Action Shot!

The new warehouse is scheduled for completion in 2022, and construction is already in full swing. You can follow along with the progress via our live video feed:

Driven by the Best

At Classic Carriers, we make big investments in our customers and our drivers, because we know nothing moves without the people behind the wheel. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company that treats our customers like partners and our drivers like family. 

To learn more about our cold storage logistics offerings, or to explore our driving opportunities, contact us.

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