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Classic Carriers Hosts Tour to Teach Educators About Trucking and Potential Job Opportunities

Posted on: August 9, 2023

Classic Carriers is proud to call Darke County home, so we were thrilled when asked to host an educator tour at our facility. Teaming with WorkForce Specialist Tamala Marley and Careers Connection Coordinator Todd Schilling from the Darke County Economic Development Council, we set out to teach local educators about a modern trucking company.

The Educator Tour at Classic Carriers

Touring Classic Carriers opened educators’ minds to how technology-driven today’s trucking companies are. We pulled up a refrigerated semi-trailer and other vehicles for the group to climb in the cabs to see how sleek, modern and comfortable they were.

Then, they entered a maintenance bay with a semi above them, were handed flashlights and perused the undercarriage, learning the different parts and their functions.

And after seeing the enormous warehouse and cold-storage units, they left with their perceptions changed. The possible career opportunities within a trucking company were more than they knew:

Filled with valuable information and ready to impart that knowledge to their students, many still asked one burning question after sitting in the semi’s cab: “Where’s the backup camera?”

Semi-drivers have good old-fashioned mirrors instead.

A Corporate Partner for the Community

Classic Carriers is proud to partner with the Darke County Economic Development Council (DCEDC) to recognize and keep local talent. Through school programs such as “job shadowing,” the DCEDC takes students for half- or full-day visits to local companies, so they can see what the job entails first-hand.

Tamala said that sometimes they have an idea of the job but learn much more when they see it themselves. Targeting those close to high school graduation is a critical factor in retention. 

Todd said, “Sometimes young adults think they have to go to college out of town, but Darke County has tremendous opportunities for someone who never went to college. Certificate programs are offered and easily attained for talented students. And there’s more happening in Darke County, OH than many realize.”

Working with other companies throughout the county leads to business relationships that spread out and form a net to open the door of opportunity for young people. The connection to the development council adds another layer of relationships that link a job to the seeker. 

Work-Based Learning Is Essential for Hiring and Retention

The economic council feels it’s essential to provide job shadowing opportunities to help local companies hire the right employees. One’s perception can change when seeing the actual work a position requires. 

As a trucking company with OTR drivers, local drivers, part-time drivers, warehouse positions and more, we appreciate the informed, enthusiastic employee who will start knowing what the job entails. 

Classic Carriers President Lucas Subler had this to say: 

“We believe that we live in a wonderful area with kids that are raised to respect others and have a great work ethic! That respect and ethic are exactly what we look for when we hire any employee, and why not offer those great kids an opportunity to prosper in the communities in which they were raised!” 

In Conclusion

Tamala drives home the truth of all of us needing a connection to each other and belonging to a community with friends and family – of having a place where your work makes a difference and impacts for good.

Classic Carriers is proud to be a part of the Darke County community and shed some light on the opportunities in Southwest Ohio we too often take for granted. Small-town feel with big-town options. Learn more about us and decide if Classic Carriers is right for you.

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