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An Inside Look at Truck Driver and Dispatcher Communication

Posted on: December 18, 2022
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Good communication is a key part of successful truck driver and dispatcher relationships. Drivers depend on dispatchers to help them get their loads delivered to their correct destination on time and without hiccups. Dispatchers rely on drivers to stay informed and communicate any challenges they’re experiencing. 

In this blog, we’re sharing an inside look at the importance of communication in the trucking industry. Two dispatchers from Classic Carriers, a trucking company and 3PL based out of Ohio, share more about what their typical day looks like. 

Get a Closer Look at Driver and Dispatcher Relationships

Classic Carriers Dispatchers Dan and Dottie know firsthand how beneficial effective communication with drivers can be. Dan and Dottie provide insight into their main responsibilities and offer tips on improving communication between drivers and dispatchers.

When did you start working for Classic Carriers, and where are you located?

Dan: I started working for Classic Carriers in 2019, and I’m located in Naples, Florida.

Dottie: I started working for Classic Carriers in 2005, and I’m located in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Did you have previous experience in dispatch before working here?

Dan: Yes, I come from a family business background in the trucking industry. I was literally born into the business.

Dottie: Yes, I worked as a dispatcher before working at Classic Carriers. 

What are some of your primary responsibilities as dispatchers?

Dan: I usually start my day by pulling all the loads to be delivered and picked up on that particular day. Then, I focus on messages to ensure drivers aren’t running behind or needing assistance. I also review upcoming available trucks and check to ensure drivers have unloading money sent to them. I’ll often receive calls from drivers and brokers throughout the day as well. 

Dottie: I am a terminal manager, and I do sales, order entry, dispatch, customer updates and communications for our customer base and counseling. 

What do you enjoy most about working in dispatch for Classic Carriers? 

Dan: I’ve actually been an OTR driver previously, so I enjoy having that connection with the drivers. I know where they’re coming from and can absolutely understand their frustrations. Being a dispatcher is also a challenging job, and I enjoy a good challenge. 

Dottie: I enjoy my job as a dispatcher for Classic Carriers because it’s like a chess game every day. No two days are the same, and it’s always challenging so I continuously learn and grow. Every decision I make is similar to making a move in chess — there are always consequences, so I’m reminded to weigh my responses carefully before communicating them to drivers.  

How far away do drivers typically deliver/pick up from your location?

Dan: The closest place they may deliver/pick up is around 30-50 miles away. Normally, drivers are at least 150 miles from my location. 

Dottie: Drivers usually deliver and pick up on average 600 miles from my location.

How do you depend on truck drivers’ communication to do your jobs effectively?

Dan: Communication is absolutely key in this business. Without it, we’re all blind to what’s happening and what might occur in the future. 

We use our satellite messaging quite often to communicate and sometimes text. Time management and communication are essential for successful driver and dispatcher relationships. 

Dottie: I depend on drivers to reach out with questions or problems; they can contact me 24 hours a day at our location.

What tips can you offer to dispatchers and drivers on improving communication and building a good relationship with each other?

Dan: I think it’s helpful to take a little time to get to know each other. Find out their likes and dislikes — ask about their family. Maintain a sense of humor with one another. I have a handful of drivers I’ve been working with for over 10 years, and once you know each other well, you create a well-oiled machine!

Dottie: I believe it’s helpful to show that you care about your job and are always willing to work hard and do your best. It’s important to remember that we’re here to help each other get the job done safely and efficiently each day. 

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